I'm Andrew.

I help people escape the nine-to-five and create lives they love.

Six months ago, I was at the lowest point of my professional career. I was depressed and suffering from migraines. I had anxiety about being let go, even though I hated my job and struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I was starting to lose hope.

Then, miraculously, I was fired - from a job I never wanted to begin with.

I had a choice to make - look for another job that I didn't want or start working for myself, building an online business. I chose the latter.

We all have passions and talents to share with the world, but so many of us feel trapped by our current circumstances. I felt like no one would ever find me between the stones of a corporate pyramid.

Then, like a superhero, I chose to pick up my cape - the one that had been sitting beside all along. I started working on things that excite me and began to show the world who I truly am.

I'm my own man now. I decide what's important in my life. I choose who I work with and when. I decide what's worth my time and energy.

Since I began, I've met countless others with similar stories. People who decided to no longer be victims and chose lives of authenticity.

If you're ready to stop living for the weekends, you're in the right place.

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